Planning Deliverables

Community and Partnership Engagement

America's Tooth Fairy (40:44)

Topics: Messaging

Community Health Improvement Plan


COVID-19 Guidance for Dentistry

Topics: Guidance, COVID-19

Dental Guidance Overview PPT Slides

Topics: Guidance, COVID-19

LOHP Resource Guide

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping, Sealants, Nutrition/Drinks, Fluoride Varnish

Status of Oral Health in California: Oral Disease Burden and Prevention 2017

Topics: Guidance, Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment, Oral Health Cancers, Pregnant People, Sealants, Tobacco/Vaping

Dental Public Health Trainings

ASTDD Learning Modules for Oral Health 101 and Dental Public Health

Topics: Community Water Fluoridation, Dental Home, Early Childhood Oral Health, Sealants


Evaluation FAQs

Topics: Guidance

Evaluation of Plan Template

Topics: Guidance

Evaluation Resources Guide

Topics: Guidance

OOH Evaluation 101

Topics: Guidance

OOH Logic Models

Topics: Guidance

Health Equity

Needs Assessment

OOH Webinars

How to Build a Website (40:47)

Topics: Messaging

Planning Deliverables

Los Angeles County Disease Burden and Prevention Report 2021

Topics: Early Childhood Oral Health, Dental Home, Sealants, Pregnant People, Tobacco/Vaping, Community Water Fluoridation

Program Development