Results-Based Accountability

RBA Process on how to participate

The Office of Oral Health (OOH) and COHTAC have teamed-up to provide a space for collaboration and learning, called the RBA Learning Collaboratives.

Leadership for the collaboratives is provided from the OOH by Myryah Leighty, Quality and Performance Management Specialist, and Shumaila Hashmi, Research Scientist and from COHTAC by Katie Conklin, Turn the Curve Specialist, and Gustavo Sanchez, Design and Development. 


What are LOHPs saying about the Collaboratives? 




Quality Improvement gives an opportunity for the organization to look inward and develop tools to improve while using data.

Local Oral Health Program Director

Participated in the RBA Learning Collaboratives


Join the next RBA Learning Collaborative to learn how to create your own KOHA infographics and process maps!



(Thank you San Joaquin and Trinity County for sharing yours) 

Process map examples

Marin County Process Map

San Luis Obispo Process Map


Nevada County Process Map


San Bernardino County Process Map