School Oral Health Programs

Schools can play a key role in addressing missed school days and improving their students success. School oral health programs such as the Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment (KOHA) and sealant programs help keep students healthy and ready to learn by focusing on oral health prevention and programming strategies to link students to a dental home. 


Approaches to collaborate and coordinate with a new school program. 


Talking points and presentations to promote the importance of oral health to children’s ability to learn.


Laws and recommendations to meet KOHA and school-linked/-based models of care delivery.



Materials and curricula for dental professionals for dental public health settings.



    Guidance and supplies needed for school programs.


    Data Collection

    Surveillance systems and KOHA forms to report data collected and run reports. 


    Examples of KOHA handbooks created by counties. 


      Learning communities to develop materials for screening and sealant programs.