Oral Health Literacy Toolkit

This set of resources for oral health providers offers an overview of what oral health literacy is and why it matters, as well as practical tools and roadmaps for improving the health literacy of dental practices.

This toolkit was developed by and is based on research conducted by Health Research for Action, a research center of UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, in collaboration with the California Department of Public Health Office of Oral Health.

The Oral Health Literacy Toolkit is expected to grow and evolve in response to oral health providers’ needs and further research. Currently, the Oral Health Literacy Toolkit consists of these components:


Oral Health Literacy in Practice

An introduction to oral health literacy for oral healthcare providers. 
•    Provides a simple roadmap for assessing your practice and                                       implementing change at your own pace.
•    Suggests strategies for communicating clearly and empowering patients.
•    Contains example scripts and templates.
•    Is 24 pages and meant for digital viewing.


Practice Assessment Checklist

A tool for identifying oral health literacy strengths and opportunities for improvement in a dental practice. The assessment:
•    Can help dental teams quickly learn what they can do to improve                              communication at their practices.
•    Is a two-sided sheet that is meant to be printed.


What Is Teach-Back?

A tip sheet with brief instructions on how to use the teach-back method.
•    Helps you learn some easy ways to use teach-back.
•    Provides a few scenarios for you to practice your skills.
•    A double-sided sheet that can be printed. 



Going to the Dentist Patient Brochure

A 6-panel brochure that explains what to expect during a dental visit and how to prepare. 
•    Written for people who are new to oral healthcare.
•    Print on legal size paper and fold for patients 
     or bring the file to a professional printer.


Oral Health Literacy Action Plan

A 2-page, printable worksheet to help you choose health literacy goals for your practice, then decide how to put those goals into action.

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