Our Programs

Our Mission

We are a group of UCSF faculty, researchers, and staff with expertise in oral health. We work in partnership with the California Department of Public Health's Office of Oral Health Program and the UCSF Dental Public Health Postgraduate Program to create a healthier California through evidence-based strategies.

School Oral Health Programs & KOHA

We focus on oral health preventive strategies to develop healthy communities for all children to learn and be active. We collaborate with the local oral health programs, school boards, and dental professionals to increase access to preventive services. 

Tobacco Cessation

We focus on improving tobacco cessation practices among dental professionals in California. We work with local health departments and professional associations to disseminate best practices for treating tobacco use in dental settings.

Water Fluoridation

We offer educational materials and guidance on water fluoridation to promote safe drinking water as an effective and efficient way to prevent tooth decay.