CDPH Rethink Your Drink Resources

Choose Health. Drink Water

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Drink Label Cards

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Every Sip Counts

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Rethink Your Drink

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Clinical Care

Downloadable and Printable Rethink Your Drink Materials

Be Active. Drink Water

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

CDC: Cut the Sugar

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Head Start: Brush Up On Oral Health

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Healthy Drinks Healthy Kids Box Graphic

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Healthy Drinks Healthy Kids Cup Graphic

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Smile CA: Toothy Tips For Parents

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

USDA: Make Better Beverage Choices

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks

Downloadable and Printed Materials for the Dental Practice

Campaign for Dental Health: Resources for families how to avoid harmful tobacco products

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Educational Resources

Healty Habits for Happy Smiles: Brushing Your Child's Teeth

Topics: Early Childhood Oral Health, Messaging, Toothbrushing


Dental Supply Vendors

Topics: Oral Health Screening

Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment

Humboldt County Kindergarten Oral Health Flyer

Topics: Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment, Oral Health Screening

Oral Health 101

Toothbrushing in Head Start Programs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Topics: Early Childhood Oral Health, Toothbrushing, COVID-19


RX for Change

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping


Smile, CA Sealant FAQ

Topics: Sealants

Smile, CA Sealant FAQ (Thai)

Topics: Sealants

Smile, CA

Social Marketing

"Think Teeth" Oral Health Outreach Tools

Topics: Messaging, First Dental Visit, Early Childhood Oral Health

Trainer/Educator Resources

Rx For Change

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Training Medical Providers

Smile, California's Primary Care Physician Toolkit

Topics: Oral Health Instruction, Fluoride Varnish, Billing, Early Childhood Oral Health, Dental Home, Nutrition/Drinks