LOHP Resource Guide

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping, Sealants, Nutrition/Drinks, Fluoride Varnish

Status of Oral Health in California: Oral Disease Burden and Prevention 2017

Topics: Guidance, Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment, Oral Health Cancers, Pregnant People, Sealants, Tobacco/Vaping

Dental and Dental Hygiene Associations and Tobacco Cessation

Dental Public Health Trainings

American Institute of Dental Public Health Resource Center

Topics: COVID-19, Virtual Dental Home, Tobacco/Vaping, Sealants, Billing, Pregnant People, Oral Health Screening, Oral Health Cancers, Community Water Fluoridation, Opioids, Nutrition/Drinks, Health Equity, Fluoride Varnish, Dental Home

Downloadable and Printed Materials for the Dental Practice

Addressing Tobacco In Dental Settings

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Campaign for Dental Health: Resources for families how to avoid harmful tobacco products

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Educational Resources

BAM! Body and Mind Classroom Resources for Teachers

Topics: Nutrition/Drinks, Tobacco/Vaping, Early Childhood Oral Health, Pregnant People, Sealants, Toothbrushing


CA Smokers' Helpline

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

RX for Change

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Patient Referral Resources

California Smokers’ Helpline

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

UCSF Fontana Tobacco Treatment Center

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Planning Deliverables

Los Angeles County Disease Burden and Prevention Report 2021

Topics: Early Childhood Oral Health, Dental Home, Sealants, Pregnant People, Tobacco/Vaping, Community Water Fluoridation

Planning Strategies

Integrating Oral Health Into School Health Programs And Policies

Topics: Early Childhood Oral Health, Nutrition/Drinks, Oral Health Injuries, Sealants, Tobacco/Vaping, Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment, Billing

Reports and Guidelines

Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence, 2008 Update

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping, Guidance

Survey Materials

Tobacco and Vaping Cessation

Tobacco Cessation Training and Toolkits

Cannabis Awareness Prevention Toolkit

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Dental Team's Role

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping, Guidance

Tobacco Cessation Amidst COVID-19 Fact Sheet

Topics: COVID-19, Tobacco/Vaping

Tobacco Cessation Change Package

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping, Guidance

Tobacco/Vaping Cessation

Tobacco-Use Prevention And Control

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping

Trainer/Educator Resources

Rx For Change

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping


Tobacco Use and Oral Health Webinar

Topics: Tobacco/Vaping, Guidance