Oral Health Literacy Toolkit

This set of resources for oral health providers offers an overview of what oral health literacy is and why it matters, as well as practical tools and roadmaps for improving the health literacy of dental practices.

Tobacco Cessation Toolkit

The Tobacco Cessation Toolkit for California Dental Providers toolkit is designed to assist dental providers with integrating brief tobacco cessation interventions into their routine dental care workflows. The toolkit provides practical tools and evidence-based resources to help dental providers and their tobacco-using patients.

Brush in a Box Toolkit

Encouraging toothbrushing in Early Education and Childcare (EECC) programs helps to promote oral health and teaches children a lifelong habit. Local Oral Health Programs (LOHPs) can use this toolkit as a resource to help fulfill Work Plan Activity 2.1.b #6. Design of an early education and care prevention program (e.g., Toothbrushing Programs in Pre-K, Oral Health Education) and 2.1.b reporting measure E) Early Prevention Program. LOHP staff can use this toolkit to train teachers and childcare providers how to implement a daily toothbrushing program and incorporate oral health education into their classrooms and/or childcare programs. Early education and childcare (EECC) programs are an important setting to implement a daily toothbrushing program for teaching children a lifelong healthy habit. Many professional and governmental organizations endorse supervised toothbrushing in early care programs.