KOHA Toolkit

Getting Started

Working with schools

Communicating KOHA to community partners
Working with dental providers (DDS, RDHAP, RDH)
Conducting KOHA 
Reporting Data from the Assessment forms
  • The System for California Oral Health Reporting (SCOHR) is the designated online database for the assessment forms. The CDPH Office of Oral Health has a contract with SCOHR to provide assistance and support to schools and local oral health programs to upload the annual kindergarten oral health assessment report.
  • Why is it important to report data?
    • "These data are particularly useful for the oral health programs at both the state and county level. They will help with identifying what areas have the biggest problem when it comes to children’s oral health, as well as identifying where the burden of oral disease in children is increasing or decreasing. This helps the state and county oral health programs prioritize how and where to prioritize their efforts when it comes to preventing oral disease in children. Additionally, it is very useful for evaluating whether interventions to reduce oral disease in children were effective or not." ~ Office of Oral Health Brendan Darsie, MPH
  • Where can you find data from previous years?
    • California Dental Association (CDA) houses data that has been collected from schools on their website along with many resources on the assessment for parents, schools, and dental professionals

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