Kindergarten Oral Health Assessment

The kindergarten oral health assessment (KOHA) ensures all children are healthy and ready for school. Similar to school screenings for vision and hearing, California has a law that strongly encourages children receive an oral health screening as part of school entry by their first year of school in either kindergarten or first grade. There are two ways to complete the screening, either at a dental office or through a school program.

New KOHA forms were developed in the summer of 2022 and are available on the System for California Oral Health Reporting (SCOHR) website and on our SCOHR support page. The updates have clarified some of the wording on the forms and have changed some of the formatting, but most of the content is the same as the old forms. A SCOHR training video, user manual, and comprehensive FAQs have guidance for entering data from the old and new forms. Similarly, historical data from previous school years can also be entered into SCOHR. All this information is also hosted on the SCOHR website (note: you may have to login to access them), including registration links to upcoming trainings. COHTAC will also post trainings on our events page as they are scheduled.

Interim Spanish versions of these forms, translated by San Mateo County (SMC), can be accessed here.

For promotional materials for schools and providers, including letter templates, talking points, and other resources, please visit our KOHA Toolkit