Results-Based Accountability (RBA)

Results-Based Accountability (RBA) is used around the world as a community approach to address complex social problems. Widely implemented in organizations and health departments, RBA is a tool to get your foot in the door to actively listen, streamline data, and promote action steps to improve community health. 

Local Oral Health Programs (LOHPs) can use RBA to improve our children's oral health by using the RBA definitions and framework to measure how much we are doing, how we are doing, and is anyone better off? 


Learn, see, do certainly applies to RBA.  We started applying RBA to just one component and that really helped us learn the process and it made RBA doable.  Now we are looking to expand and apply more components of our work to RBA.

Nancy Starr, RDH, MPH, Health Planning and Program Specialist

County of San Diego Local Oral Health Program


RBA frequently asked questions


RBA can be implemented for California's five evidence-based oral health interventions, starting with KOHA. 

RBA supports data collection because it relies on the same KOHA data that is uploaded into System for California Oral Health Reporting (SCOHR). By uploading KOHA data into SCOHR every year by July 1, you can track your progress overtime, be transparent, and build momentum to help raise KOHA participation statewide!