Perinatal Infant Oral Health Quality Improvement (PIOHQI) Webinar Series Part 1

October 13, 2020
10 AM - 12 PM PT


Perinatal Infant Oral Health Quality Improvement (PIOHQI) Webinar Series Part 1:Quality Improvement in Dental Settings

October 13th, 10 am-12 pm PT 


Part 1 Materials:

Part 1

Moderator:  Kim Caldewey, PA, MPH, Healthy Communities Section Manager


  • Jayanth V. Kumar, DDS, MPH, California State Dental Director @California Department of Public Health
  • CB Wohl, MPH, Program Planning and Evaluation Analyst @ Sonoma County Department of Health Services, Dental Health Program

Course Objectives:

  • Explain why quality improvement in dental and medical clinics is essential, with a special focus on improving access and services for pregnant women, infants and young children
  • Distinguish the difference between quality improvement, quality assurance and evaluation
  • Identify the key elements of an effective quality improvement team
  • Recognize the stages of change and how to manage change so that your quality improvement projects are successful
  • Explain the three foundational questions to the Model for Improvement so that you can plan your Plan-Do-Study-Act cycles at the core of QI
  • Describe the principles of Lean methodologies
  • Create a community-of-practice with local safety-net dental providers to learn from one another, share best practices and provide support

We especially encourage all providers serving Medi-Cal eligible women of child-bearing age, infants and / or children to attend

*2.0 CDEs are available for successful completion of each lesson (for a total of 4.0 CDEs for the entire 2-part webinar series) and details will follow upon registration.