Lunch and Learn: Introducing the School-Linked Dental Program Manual

May 18, 2023
12 PM - 1:30 PM (PT)

In this Lunch & Learn session, the COHTAC team launched a new resource – the School-Linked Dental Program Manual – to support work plan objectives 2 (Community-Clinical Linkages, School-Based/School-Linked, and Fluoride) and 3 (Kindergarten Oral Health Assessments and Key Partnerships). We were joined by members of the Office of Oral Health team to share their vision for the state and a number of LOHPs who shared their local experiences and best practices. Our goal was to introduce these resources to you, begin discussions and sharing experiences, and set the foundation for practical workshops at the Oral Health Summit in June.

Learning objectives:

  1. Learn how to navigate through the School-Linked Dental Program Manual and its resources on the COHTAC website.
  2. Learn from the first-hand experiences of several LOHPs and their school oral health programs.
  3. Share best practices in implementing school-linked dental programs.

Speaker bios

Slide deck

Recording (1:27:05)

Resources shared from Butte County: