Helpful letters, presentations, and materials for schools: 

CDE and OOH Joint Letter of support for KOHA


The Office of Oral Health and California Department of Education co-signed a letter to promote the intersection between the importance of oral health and school readiness.


You can share the Letter with your county office of education, school districts and schools to build relationships with school staff, school nurses, and KOHA champions.


Helpful talking points for dental/medical providers:

You can share your KOHA story through data

  • You can measure how well we are doing by the number of kindergarteners who have an oral health assessment that is reported into the System for California Oral Health Reporting (SCOHR).
  • Once the oral health assessments are reported into SCOHR, the Office or Oral Health (OOH) Surveillance team can create a Results-Based Accountability (RBA) KOHA scorecard for LOHPs to use to help track how well they are doing.
    • You can learn more about RBA on our COHTAC RBA webpage
  • With your LOHP KOHA scorecard, LOHPs can show partners how many school districts are participating in uploading the KOHA forms into SCOHR and how many Kindergarteners are being screened or have waived a KOHA screening. For the children screened, LOHPs can determine the number of children with untreated decay and caries experience to asses which school districts and schools have the highest burden of disease. These findings can inform future program decisions. 
  • Through communicating your KOHA findings with the community, partners can develop an action plan and interventions to pilot in the next school year.

​​RBA KOHA Reporting Graphic